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Terms and Conditions

Deposits & Payments

A deposit of 20% is required to confirm and secure your event date.


Your deposit is deducted from the total of your invoice.


The balance of your account can be paid by either cash or bank deposit on the day of your event.


Banking details will be provided.


Cancellations received 30 days prior to the event will receive a full refund of the deposit.


Cancellations received within 30 days of the event will forfeit the 20% deposit unless specific arrangements have been made.

Travel Cost & Surcharge

A surcharge may apply for travel cost for events on Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.


Do you have less than 40 Guests? No problem, the minimum dollar figure will be charged.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critical to us at Farmer Brown’s Pizzas. When we provide services we are provided with your sensitive information. It is in our best interests to treat this with respect and for this reason we have developed a strict policy that we will always live up to.


This policy has been formed so that you can understand how we use, collect, share, communicate and disclose your personal information.


At Farmer Brown’s Pizza:

  • We will only collect information through lawful and ethical practices
  • We will only collect information from you after your consent
  • We will ensure that all information collected is secure to prevent third parties or unauthorised users gathering your information
  • We will ensure that all data collected is relevant and specific to the purpose of collecting the information
  • We will keep data and information only as long as necessary to fulfil the original purpose of the collection and will request your permission if the data will be used outside of these purposes
  • We will ensure that you have access to our policies and procedures and practices relating to managing your personal data and information


By following the above privacy policy we ensure that our relationship with you is beneficial and that your sensitive information is not used in any unacceptable way.

Our Story

Our Story

Farmer Brown’s Wood Fired Pizza Catering 


Growing up on a farm just outside Dayboro, you get to learn a thing or two. You come to know about things like how to chase cows, get chased by cows, stack motorbikes and how to gracefully fall off a horse. We also had our own veggie garden and fruit trees. The meals we had were always fresh and full of flavour and it was only when moving out of the home and eating lots of pre-packaged food that we really realise the startling difference between fresh and processed food. That’s why we now grow a lot of our own herbs and veggies. 


The initial idea for Farmer Brown’s Pizzas was after a 2 am conversation with the directors of the company I was working for at the time. Their advice was “If you’re going to start a business, make sure you’re passionate about it” and my response was “Well, I’m pretty passionate about eating pizza”.  After the hangover had worn away, I remembered the conversation and asked myself “could I make this a reality? Could I go into the Pizza catering business?” That moment I realised that I would now have to be eating a lot of pizza and as I told my accountant “That was all for market research”. 


I then spent 2 years researching, business planning, talking with friends and family, budgeting and convincing a bank that the idea was financially viable and they should take a chance on a 25 year old that had never worked in a pizza shop in his life.  Finally, in late December 2015, Farmer Brown’s Pizzas was launched my little Wood fired pizza catering business was off and racing! We have had a huge support base from friends and family through to our regulars who help make this dream a reality!


Being my first business and no experience in the industry at all, it has definitely made for a huge learning curve, but absolute love it and feel every barrier I face assists me in taking this business to new heights. Every day I wake up with a mission in mind to set new high standards for Farmer Brown’s Pizzas and I will strive for this no matter what happens.


One day, I want this business to be the Best Pizza catering service in Brisbane. There is a lot of great competition, but we just have to do things better. 



At Farmer Brown’s Pizzas, we try our hardest to provide the freshest and tastiest pizzas we can!

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

Our Setup

Our Setup

Whether it’s a small intimate gathering or an elaborate celebration of hundreds, we have all the resources to successfully manage any Pizza catering task in Brisbane. We are a completely self-sufficient, mobile set-up company with the ability to operate anywhere…anytime.


With our mobile pizza catering services, we are becoming an affordable food catering solution for weddings, work functions, and private parties.


We’re young and driven to be one of the best pizza caterers in Brisbane! Our mantra is: Setting new standards of product and service. We strongly believe that if you serve a great product with exceptional service, everybody wins!

We grow the majority of our vegetables and herbs while doing our best to locally source everything else. Our ingredients are prepared daily to retain that delicious, fresh flavour and distinctive aroma. We never compromise on our product with cheap alternatives. We keep everything as simple as possible and provide the best to our esteemed customers.


We usually arrive about an hour before the function starts. It enables us to get everything ready and set the oven temperature up to where it needs to be. We cook through the menu and keep cooking until everyone is completely stuffed with our amazing, mouth-watering pizzas. 


We also pride ourselves on being able to cater to anyone. Whether you have guests attending that are vegetarian, gluten sensitivities, vegan, nut allergies etc. we can cater to all. If you just let us know, we will do everything in our power to make sure everyone gets to enjoy our delicious and never-tasted-before pizzas!


You can contact us for all your Mobile Wood fired Pizza Catering and Pizza Van catering Needs!



We’re nimble, flexible and do our best to make sure everyone is accommodated.

Our Setup
Our Setup
Our Setup
Our Setup

Our Pizzas

Our Pizzas

From the sweet, freshly cut pineapple and our 10 hr slow cooked pulled pork to the garden fresh tomatoes and basil; Farmer Brown’s Pizzas endeavour to produce the tastiest pizzas we can.


All our pizzas are 9 inch and are a thin-mid style base with the sauce being made from a traditional Italian recipe. We are always trying new combinations and making sure our pizzas are the best we can serve.


Come try our delicious range of fresh wood fire pizzas

Our Pizzas
Our Pizzas
Our Pizzas
Our Pizzas
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