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Farmer Brown’s Wood-Fired Pizza Catering

Growing up on a farm just outside Dayboro, you get to learn a thing or two about a thing or two. You come to know about things like how to chase cows, get chased by cows, stack motorbikes and how to gracefully fall off horses. We also had our own veggie garden and fruit trees. The meals we had were always fresh and full of flavour and it was only when moving out of the home and eating lots of pre-packaged meals and then heading back to the parent’s place for Sunday roast on the farm that I really realised the startling difference between fresh and processed food. This has become a corner stone of what we are about and endeavour to produce fresh, tasty pizzas that leave you wanting more. Where possible, we grow our own herbs and veggies and then source the rest from local fruit and veg stores.

The initial idea for Farmer Brown’s Pizzas was after a 2 am conversation with the directors of the company I was working for at the time. Their advice was “If you’re going to start a business, make sure you’re passionate about it” and my response was “Well, I’m pretty passionate about eating pizza”. After the hangover had worn away, I remembered the conversation and asked myself “Could I make this a reality? Could I go into the Pizza catering business?” That moment I realised that I would now have to be eating a lot of pizza and as I told my accountant “That was all for market research”.

I then spent 2 years researching, business planning, talking with friends and family, budgeting and convincing a bank that the idea was financially viable and they should take a chance on a 25 year old that had never worked in a pizza shop in his life. Finally, in late December 2015, Farmer Brown’s Pizzas was launched my little Wood-fired pizza catering business was off and racing! We have had a huge support base from friends and family through to our regulars who help make this dream a reality!

Being my first business and no experience in the industry at all, it has definitely made for a huge learning curve, but I absolute love it and feel every barrier I face assists me in taking this business to new heights. Every day I wake up with a mission in mind to set new high standards for Farmer Brown’s Pizzas and I will strive for this no matter what happens.

One day, I want this business to be the Best Pizza catering service in Brisbane. There is a lot of great competition, but we just have to do things better.

At Farmer Brown’s Pizzas, we try our hardest to provide the freshest and tastiest pizzas we can!


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