Privacy Policy

Your privacy is critical to us at Farmer Brown’s Pizzas. When we provide services we are provided with your sensitive information. It is in our best interests to treat this with respect and for this reason we have developed a strict policy that we will always live up to.

This policy has been formed so that you can understand how we use, collect, share, communicate and disclose your personal information.

At Farmer Brown’s Pizza:

  • We will only collect information through lawful and ethical practices
  • We will only collect information from you after your consent
  • We will ensure that all information collected is secure to prevent third parties or unauthorised users gathering your information
  • We will ensure that all data collected is relevant and specific to the purpose of collecting the information
  • We will keep data and information only as long as necessary to fulfil the original purpose of the collection and will request your permission if the data will be used outside of these purposes
  • We will ensure that you have access to our policies and procedures and practices relating to managing your personal data and information

By following the above privacy policy we ensure that our relationship with you is beneficial and that your sensitive information is not used in any unacceptable way.