How it all works:

Sit back, relax and let us look after the food, because who doesn’t love pizza! 🍕 So I’ll give you a quick rundown on how it all works. So, we usually arrive about 1.5 hrs before serving to set-up and get the oven temperature up to speed. We cater to everyone including a range of Gluten free, Vegetarian and Vegan pizza options (including tasty Vegan & Lactose free cheese) at no extra charge.

Once we start, we just keep cooking pizzas until everyone is full, which is typically around the 1.5hr mark. We do provide napkins and paper plates and all we need is access to power and a flat area for us to set-up on.

All of our options include staff taking the pizzas around to guests on our wooden pizza paddles. This way the guests continue to enjoy the party without having to find where the food is! The food does not go cold, and you don’t get guests asking where the food is? Taking the pizzas around also helps us find guests with dietary requirements, so they feel included and well looked after too.

Any leftover pizzas get boxed up and are usually eaten later in the night or make a great lunch the next day.

We do have a 40-adult minimum. We can cater for less than this, we just charge our minimum and you get to keep the additional pizzas at the end of the night.

To secure a spot, we just take a $200 deposit. From there all we need off you is,

  • Final numbers and dietary requirements (2 weeks out)
  • Final payment (1 week out)
  • Access to power
  • Confirmation of which package you wanted to go with
  • Confirmation of eating time (we will arrive 1.5 hrs beforehand)
  • A flat area to set-up on
  • Your address

That is about it, nice and easy! We do only service the Greater Brisbane area. We have our shop The Farm Shack that is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 4pm til 8pm.

Our Packages: