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Farmer Brown’s Pizza Catering has you covered!

Fun fact: Pizza is the number one takeaway choice for over 6 million Australians each year, so when it comes to choosing food that makes everyone happy, pizza is a safe bet.

Fun fact: Writing blogs has never been my strong point. My Year 12 English teacher would probably highly advise me not to pursue this. But thankfully, with the help of spell check/ teacher friends and google, I’m sure we will get there.

We are all about taking the stress out of organising everything! We think you should enjoy the party you’re hosting instead of worrying about what your guests can or can’t eat. Not to mention being faced with all that cleaning the morning after. Here’s your chance to just take a seat, grab a drink, and let us look after you. Like WD-40, we are the solution to your problem!

We here at Farmer Brown’s Pizzas are a little bit different, but good different! Despite Farmer Brown referring to himself in third person, him and his team of modern day superheroes will do everything in their power to make your night as relaxing and satisfying as possible! Our pizza catering service is constantly developing with the end goal of making our service unique, free flowing, and memorable. We do this by using high quality ingredients and freshly rolled pizza dough, in addition to having staff who really enjoy what they do.

Generally, we can cook 3-4 pizzas in our wood-fired oven within 2-3 minutes. This allows us to serve your guests within a time frame that would even bring a smile to Wayne Bennett’s face. We ensure that all our meat and produce are responsibly sourced, and we also offer ingredients and bases that are 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly!

We specialise in Wedding, Engagment, Corporate, and Party catering. One of our favourite gigs to date was an Indian karaoke night! Singing, dancing, and eating pizza, does life get much better?

As we are a mobile business, we can go anywhere! Though having access to power is awesome, we can also crank our generator when needed. We are currently working out the logistics of catering a Beach wedding – pretty exciting!


Why choose us?

Obviously besides our ability to write amazing blogs, full of grammatical errors  – we’ve done our research on the Pizza catering industry. We know what we offer in regards to ‘Bang for Buck’ and like to think we’re ahead of the pack! We don’t charge extra for gluten free (GF), vegetarian (vg), or vegan (v) options, because dietary issues can be hard enough. Also, as part of our service, our staff will take the pizzas around to your guests on our wooden paddles (this includes table service if requested). We include this free service for two reasons:

  1. We get to know what types of pizzas your guests are really enjoying and can make more of that particular pizza if needed.
  2. We can make sure everyone is being looked after, not just the people standing closest. I always ask myself, “Is this something I would want at my event and how could I make it an even better experience?”

We don’t substitute price for quality, just ask our suppliers! We prefer to negotiate the premium product down and if we need to pay that little bit more, then that’s what we do. Where possible, we also grow our own produce and use local vendors. Our mission is to create a solid platform with a brand that represents good quality and service.

Friends and family still assist with the running of the business, but with the recent purchase of our fourth trailer, we will begin our first recruitment outside the inner circle – exciting times ahead!

So, if you have a function coming up – just give us a holla and will do everything we can to make sure everyone leaves the party completely satisfied. As previously stated, we have just celebrated our 2-year anniversary! We’re still young and fresh, and always looking for ways to improve what we offer.

So just send us an enquiry, give us a call or send that pigeon and we will do our best to make it happen.

Chat soon,

Warwick Brown
Farmer Brown’s Pizzas